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Tesla E.S.E. Lightning Rod, Air Terminal, Tesla_ST Lightning Rod, Lightning, Air Terminals, Rods,
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  The Tesla Lightning Rod
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Before lightning, E.S.E Lightning Rod creates ionization around at the top point of the Lightning Rod that is electric field.This Tesla E.S.E. Lightning Rod proses under the radioactive Lightning Rod theory the larger areas. Tesla-ST consists of a air terminal, an ion generator, test prob and a down conductor.

The Lightning Rod shead functions in both cases of positive lightning and negative lightning.

The Tesla-ST E.S.E. Lightning Rods head carries a sharp pointed rod, made from special over strike converter is located inside the sphere shape casing. The over strike is achieved by the natural instability and negative resistance of a plasma arc placed inside a transverse magnetic field produces by a coil. The circuit is characterized by a series connection of an arc’s negative resistance to an inductance and capacitance. A very over ionizing strike is produced at the area around the top of Lightning Rod . The head of the TESLA-ST is equipped with a safety arragement to protect its own circuitry during a lightning capture. The internal gap mechanism, the internal sparking device and the circuitry are plased in a water proof and enforced sphere shape casing.

The Protection Radius for Tesla-ST

The dedecting distance to lightning

According to

 NFC 17 102 ΔL=60m

Protection level




Protection Radius









With the test prob, this Lightning Rod processing parts can be checked in any time.

Technical Specifications

Operating Range in Thunder Field Intensity

5-200 kV / m (abrupt)

Shipment Weight

9,350 Kg.


Ø 40cm., L : 85cm.

Junction Of Lightning Rodhead

Internal thread  : 2 “

No Pf  International Classification

H 026 - 13/00

Head Material

304 A Stainless Steel

Radius Protection Of Air Terminals

The radius protection of an E.S.E. Lightning Rod is calculated following,

Rp2 = h( 2D-h) + ΔL( 2D+ΔL) h≥5 mt

In this formula;

D: The advance step of The lightning or the jumping distance of lightning during way.
For protection level I D=20 m
For protection level II D=45 m
For protection level III D=60 m

ΔL (m): Calculated from V(m/µs).ΔT(/µs)

V: The moving velocity of ions occur arround Lightning Rod to lightning and in Standart V=1m/µs
ΔT: Early streamer emission time

ΔL: The dedecting distance to lightning in ΔT times. This parameter is valiable according to the produced E.S.E Lightning Rod and determined to test according to the valiable and special of prodection in laboratory.

h: Height of the point of E.S.E Lightning Rod(m)
Rp: Radius Protection (m)

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